Fall Newsletter Edition 2010

The Promise of Life

A Publication of Promiseland Ministries, Inc.

In the Middle of a Miracle…

I was standing between two amazing women. One laid in the bed holding my hand as she breathed through a contraction. She was sixteen years old and giving birth to her first baby. The other woman older, married to a wonderful husband, was holding my other hand. Her years of infertility and the prospect of her dream coming true to hold a child in her arms was right there before her. Her face filled with concern for the sweet birthmother before her. She felt the pain even if in her heart with each contraction.

A birthmother and an adoptive mother together for the miracle of birth…and I stood there in awe, once again, of what God was doing and how He continues to amaze me each time He puts a family together. The Father loves the brokenhearted and gives them hope. He can take any situation and turn it into something beautiful for those who are called according to His purpose. Rom. 8:28.

I watched the two women looking at each other. Many emotions including bittersweet joy, peace in the midst of anxiety, love pouring out between them for the unborn child and for each other. One would give life; the other would teach her how to live it.

The moment came for this precious child to come into the world. The tears of relief, joy, sadness of letting go flowed. I cried. I have seen this miracle hundreds of times but it never grows old. God’s creation is so marvelous. The newborn baby’s first cry tells me that God is in control of all that is happening and already before this child was born, God has a plan for her life. In this case, a little baby girl was born. So innocent, sweet, soft and tender wrapped in a warm blanket of warmth and love.

The birthmother is the first to hold her. With tears running down her cheeks she marvels at the beautiful baby that has just been born out of her body. She has carried this child for almost 40 weeks and has felt each kick and hiccup. She knows that while she has sought the Lord for direction that letting her go will be the hardest thing she will ever have to do. She looks at the adoptive mom who is standing close by but not too close to give her space. She knows her heart’s desire is the same as hers; to hold this baby close and protect and care for her. The birthmother speaks to the little baby and says, “Here, go see your mommy!” The adoptive mom reaches out shaking and yet so filled with gratefulness and takes the newborn child into her arms. By this time the adoptive dad has joined them and as they come together as a family for the first time, the birthmother whispers to me, “She will have a wonderful daddy!” I am undone. I remember all the talks that I had with this birthmother as she was seeking to make a decision about her baby. She has a very close relationship with her dad and that was very important to her for her daughter.

The next two days in the hospital are spent sharing each moment with each other enjoying this new life. There are lots of pictures…lots of tears…lots of visitors and special prayers that are said. Then it is time to go back to Hannah House. We arrive and get ready for family and friends to attend the “Celebration of Life” ceremony that we have with each adoption. First, the birthmother will meet with the agency representatives and sign her relinquishment papers. The room fills with many of those people who God has put in her young life the past six months plus her parents and two sisters are able to be there for everything from out of state. The table holds a cake that has the baby’s name and birth date and the words, “A Gift from God.” When she comes out of the room where she has done an extremely difficult thing by signing relinquishment papers, she is surrounded by love coming from every direction. Everyone wants to comfort, support, love, hug her, and tell her they love her. The adoptive family and their family are there also along with staff and friends from church. The ceremony begins. A share time starts with those who have been impacted by knowing the birthmother or through knowing the adoptive family. We praise God for what He has done and is doing throughout the ceremony. Scripture is read and God receives all the glory for what He has done. Prayers are said over the baby, the birthmother, and the adoptive couple. Then it is time for cake and lots of pictures.

The time comes for the couple to leave with their new daughter. Hugs and many tears are flowing and yet a peace that passes all understanding is in everyone’s heart. They leave and the sweet birthmother who has just done the most sacrificial, loving thing she could do for her child, weeps. She tells me later that she does not regret her decision but it hurts so much. I often tell the girls that doing the right thing in life is often the hardest thing you will ever do. That is so true in this case. She was surrounded by all the staff, family, and friends who have supported her through her pregnancy. The next step will be something only God can help her go through…the process of grief now begins.

I wanted to share this story with you because as I have seen this occur hundreds of times, you may have not experienced this and I want you to understand why I call my birthmothers “heroes.” They give so much…they love so much…just as God loved you and I and allowed Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. Pray for our sweet birthmother. She is doing well and went home to be reconciled with her family. We will stay in touch. We will never forget her. She has made a permanent indention in our hearts. Once again…God prevails.

Right when I was getting this issue of the newsletter to the printer little Miss Isabella Nicole decided to come a little early. Hailey gave birth to Isabella at 2:16 am on September 14 and she weighed 6 lbs. 5 oz. and was 18 inches long. Hailey will parent her daughter and live with her mom and step-dad. Pray for Hailey as she parents this little gift from God that Isabella will grow into a godly woman and one day serve the Lord. Kellie and Beverly were there at the hospital, along with Hailey’s mom and sister to welcome our newest arrival at Hannah House. Way to go girls!!! Continue to pray and support this ministry as we re-locate to Longview and receive more girls into the ministry. We need your support and welcome your financial gifts with love.

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