We offer mentorship with Godly ladies invested in you, who will help prepare you to be a Godly mother for your baby. Sometimes we just need to know that there is someone we can count on. Our mentors will walk this journey with you, answer questions you may have, and help to prepare you for making a potentially difficult choice at this turning point in your life. They will pray with you and stick with you as you determine God’s will for you and your baby. They will also be there afterwards to encourage you as you enter a new phase of your life.

It is the policy of Hannah House to provide residents with a balanced presentation of all parenting options:
– Single parenting
– Parenting as a married woman
– Guardianship with extended family
– Placing a child for adoption into a loving family 

It is important that staff, board members and volunteers refrain from giving any advice about parenting options to residents. It is solely the responsibility and privilege of the house parents and counselors to counsel with residents and present and discuss the benefits and difficulties involved with each parenting option. Residents will receive counseling from a professional counselor on a weekly basis in order to consider all the parenting options and develop a parenting plan. Residents are free from duress to make their own decisions about placing for adoption or parenting their babies.

Women who choose the option of placing their child for adoption will be referred to and work with a Christian adoption agency.